When barcode validation fails during printout of a job card, you get a non-descriptive error message, and you don't see the messages that were actually added to the infolog about the barcode validation failing and why. The only error message you get today is: "An error occurred during report data sets execution". If you debug you can see that the info log actually has messages with more details about the failed barcode validation. Repro steps: Use Contoso / USMF for the following: 1. Go to Organization administration / Setup / Bar codes. 2. For barcode setup "SFC" change minimum and maximum length to 0. 3. Close the form. 4. Go to Production control / All production orders. 5. Find production order P000171. 6. From the toolbar click the Production Order tab. 7. Click Proces / Release. 8. Click the General tab of the dialog. 9. Turn on Print job card 10. Click OK 11 Wait and observe the error message

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Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be a product bug. Please reach out to the relevant support channels as specified in Product Support


Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft