Business Central is one codebase with NAV 2018? IntegrationEvents do not sync….
We have had a long process for back port BC event to on-prem...?
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It would be great have the same set of IntegrationEvents for Cloud version and for On-prem version.
Nowdays for add event to On-prem standard system (via upcoming CU) need to follow this instruction (info from the support):
If you want NAV Application Team to have them included in a Cumulative Update (CU) for On Premise version. See below

1. Submit a request in GitHub https://github.com/Microsoft/AL/issues/ (you might use exactly the same statement) with a short business reason why this has to be added or changed.
2. The request submitted will be marked as EVENT REQUEST
3. Once this will be marked as EVENT REQUEST it goes into a back log for Developer Preview review, processed and when added it will be part of the next Dynamics 365 Business Central automatic update internal schedule
4. GitHub entry will then be updated with a flag like SHIPPED IN A FUTURE UPDATE
5. From that moment on, if partner would like to have also that specific Event request being port back to On Premise version, then he/she could create a Support Request (like you did) by adding in the body of the email the GitHub link and request to back port.
6. CSS will then collect the Support Request and file a Request For Backport to NAV Application Team
7. NAV Application team will handle the back port as a normal code change and include this into a Cumulative Update
8. Case will be archived as No Decrement / No chargeable (like a normal escalated request)


After read blog post https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/nav/2018/05/03/al-developer-previews-multiple-releases-and-github/ I better understood the background of the DEV process… BUT…

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