LCS link - Bug closed as by design

The issue is with the Letter of Credit bank account. A purchase order is created and if the Vendor selected for the Purchase order has a different currency as that of the Letter of credit bank account, we do not see the same on the Purchase order. When we check the Bank document header> letter of credit/import collection, we do not see the bank account details since the system adds a filter to the facility nature as well as the ‘Currency’ column.

The business scenario - The customer who have businesses dealing in export and import, it seems that this is a valid business scenario since the user is importing goods from many countries and has vendors dealing in multiple currencies. It is not reasonable to open a separate bank account for every currency while they are having a single bank account having a consolidated LC limit in one currency (In this case, INR).
The business scenario is valid and the system should allow the business users to select the Letter of Credit bank accounts irrespective of the currency being used.
Needs Votes