When running production orders with manual BOM line reservation in a WHS controlled warehouse, it is not possible to find the production Input Location for backflushing the BOM line material if the picking list journal is created in relation to a route Card Journal. It only works with the picking list journal parameter option that is activated direktly with the report as finish. It should however also work with the route dependend picking list journal.

Furthermore when a Company works  24/7, the worker in the late shift should be able to report as finish, even if there is not enough material on the product input Location of the resource in D365.  
Currently we get an error that stops the RAF due to the "missing" material. What we need and what we customized for our customer is that in this scenario we are still able to post the RAF journal and AX is creating an open picking list journal with the material that either has not enough material on the production Input Location or even when there is no location dimension found at all for the material, due to other missing setups.

Target of that requested function is to not block the RAF if physical and system inventory is not in sync and allow for a later correction based on the open picking list.

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Thank you for your feedback. This functionality is supported in the current version of the product.


Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft



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