Hello MS,

In AX 2012, MR report has this feature, that users can create new "building block groups" under Company->Building Block Groups, then assign different to different building blocks to different legal entities. Therefore, different legal entities can have their own reports without exposing to other legal entities.

Now D365 FO has removed this feature.

However, i think MS team didn't consider such scenario, i.e. in D365FO, we have a lot of legal entities, however, these legal entities are independent. They should NOT see any info for other legal entities.
If no such features, for financial reporting, one legal entity can see others' legal entity financial reports. Understanding that if the users from one legal entity without access to other legal entities, they cannot generate other legal entities report, i.e. security is there, however, if in D365FO system, we have a lot of legal entities, and each legal entities have their own MR reports, the reports list will be very long, and expose to all users, even if we can create one folder for each legal entity, due to a lot of legal entities, the list is still very long.

This is really not users friendly.
Hope MS team can consider this feature, and move it back to D365 FO.

For above scenario, all legal entities are independent with each other, and their COA is different, and not shared. So we can not design one report definition for all legal entities.

Appreciate MS team can consider this feature again. thanks.