There are several reasons that Event Triggers need to be re-created and must use a different name.

Right now, if the Event Trigger changes, we have to go into the Email and re-select the Event Trigger for each personalized field it provides.

It would be nice if we can simply change/update the Event Trigger used by an Email in a single location. Since personalization only allows us to use one Trigger per Email - it would make sense to have an Event Trigger field at a higher level that we can change.

So for example, I have 5 fields that are personalized & provided by Event Trigger A. For some reason, I must switch to using Event Trigger B. The same attributes/fields exist in Trigger B. I would like to go to a field, update it from Event Trigger A to Event Trigger B. The personalization automatically updates. If for some reason a field in my email is not found in the new Trigger, you would just highlight that with a red exclamation point like you do now if the source needs identified.

Category: Event Triggers