Some customers have a scenario where they want to sell the FEFO batch in priority (absolute requirement as we are in the food industry) while still, if possible, pick whole pallets. For instance, if in 2 locations there is a half pallet in one and a full pallet in the other, and my customer orders 1 pallet, then I want the system to direct the picker to the location containing a whole pallet, and not to propose me to pick the half-pallet and then break the full pallet.
We have managed to solve this requirement by using sorting (see below), but the issue with this is that the Physical inventory field is not an index field, which could lead to performance issues on big warehouses.

This idea is to add a parameter on the location directive lines to prioritize full pallets, to avoid doing sorting on a non-index field.

The workaround we have done is we have the following setup:
1 pick directive with 2 lines:
* 1st line is for a quantity of 1 pallet or more, linked to an action where we sort by descending Physical inventory (to target full locations first).
* 2nd line is for a quantity of less than 1 pallet, linked to an action where we sort by ascending Physical inventory (to target locations with little quantity first).
We then have 2 work templates: 1 for full pallet, and 1 for less than pallet, so that works are broken accordingly.

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