On the Field Service Schedule Board, by choosing the Days, Weeks or Months view, the information displayed is not enough for typical Field Service customer. The customer expects - like in the Hours-view - to see a work order overview.

This is not possible you need to expand every resource to be able to see this information. This is one click per resource is needed to expand the information.

The customer is concerned for the fact that by having a large quantity of resources, needs to do one click per resource to see the information for each one of them.

At the same time when expanded, it takes a lot of space per resource and you can only overview a few resources on one page.

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Update 04/07/2020.

Thanks for all the feedback and votes on this idea! A Quick update on this idea, is that as part of the Next generation Schedule Board experience, we are working on the Days view improvements and bringing the Hourly style of Scheduling to Days view and is planned for October 2020 release.


Vinay Nalam,

PM, Microsoft.



HeyExtend hours view to cover 100 days instead of only 7 or 14 days. Problem solved and all happy

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