Data Entity RetailTransactionSalesLineEntity for Retail store on Online store transactions : ItemColor, ItemSize, ItemStyle, ItemConfigId There are columns ItemColor, ItemSize, ItemStyle, ItemConfigId in Data Entity RetailTransactionSalesLineEntity. When there is performed sales for Products with VariantId then these values are populated but only for Store transactions. They are empty for Online store transaction (E-Commerce). It is caused because InventDimId is not updated for Online Store transactions in RetailTransactionSalesTrans. Please update InventDimId for Online Store transactions (E-Commerce transactions) in RetailTransactionSalesTrans like it happens for Store transactions comings from POS. These values are required for reporting purpose. Repro steps: 1. Register one sales transaction from Online store for Product with VariantId 2. Register one sales transaction from Store for Product with VariantId 3. Upload data by P job to HQ 4. Synchronize order for Online store transaction 5. Create, Calculate and Post Statement for POS Store transaction 6. Export data by Data Entity RetailTransactionSalesLineEntity Verify that ItemColor, ItemSize, ItemStyle, ItemConfigId are null for Online store transactions but not null for POS store transactions.

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We have requested this idea to be filed as a Issue in support.  Our engineering team will triage it to determine if a bug fix is needed.  Thank you for the feedback.  - Holly Haines - Principal Program Manager