On Mobile CRM when we choose which form will be opened once user clicks on (a) BIG “+” (b) recent item record the options are only the below 3:

  1. BIG ‘+’ (Create) & Recent record (Edit) - open quick form
  2. BIG ‘+’ (Create) & Recent record (Edit) - open main form
  3. BIG ‘+’ (Create) - open quick form and Recent record (Edit) - open main form

As we understood, there is no other option available.

we would like that BIG ‘+’ (Create) will open quick create form

and Recent record (Edit) will open Quick View form (with link to main form in the bottom)




It is expected that the mobile and desktop functions will be operated in the same manner when running implementation. Hence it's important for us to have this capability working

Category: Mobile Application


It is very important for us the Mobile app will be as the Desktop up

Category: Mobile Application