We are receiving many upgrades recently for FS.
Is it mandatory to upgrade every FS upgrade by testing and upgrading from test environment?
Will it affect the customization of the system for every upgrade?
And we receive very occasionally email notification to upgrade?
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Thanks for reaching out, Dineshkumar. While this doesn't seem like an idea, this does sound like you have some important questions that need to be answered about some of our upgrade policies.

In general, the Field Service solution now upgrades automatically on a roughly monthly basis. The detailed schedule for the upgrade and notes on each release can be found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/field-service/version-history

Environments on FS v8.8.6 or higher are eligible for these automatic updates. We are in the process of pushing all customers on a version below this to get upgraded, immediately. For customers that do not upgrade, between now and the end of November, we are conducting Microsoft automatic upgrades. For this one-time larger upgrade, there is a much higher likelihood for customer disruption if they do not conduct this upgrade on their own.

There is a little bit more information about our upgrade messaging here: https://docs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/field-service/troubleshoot-faq#why-did-i-receive-an-email-or-message-center-notification-about-a-field-service-update

Finally, if you still have questions, I'd encourage you to closely read these messages as they should have all the information I've shared above and much more. If you still have questions, please raise a support request and we'd be happy to help you and your organization navigate this process.

The main thing to know are:

- If you are on a Field Service version below 8.8.6, you should plan to get upgraded, immediately.
- If you are on a Field Service version 8.8.6 and above, unless you are in one of our special regions (like the Government Community Cloud), you are already being automatically upgraded.
  - Special regions will also begin being automatically upgraded but the timeline for this effort is slightly behind our standard commercial regions.

Thank you,
Jason Cohen
PM, Dynamics 365 Field Service