Currently it is either smart matching or tracking token that can be used to track communication to the corresponding case. While Smart Matching does not work reliably (as customers may forward communication and someone else steps into the dialogue, subject lines being changed and/or old emails being used to create a new incident), tracking token is not ideal either, aCase Number be added to the criteria for smart matching or as a tracking token? This number is pretty much unique and as ws with a high number of cases, the token pretty soon repeats. So workarounds must be found that the system doesn't track new emails to old cases. Why can't the ell it is being used by the customers if they want to add information to an existing case. From a customer perspective, the case number is the "token" to "match" conversation to a case, however in MS case number is not used for any of the two. This really should be considered to be changed and case number should either be available as a token or used for smart matching or - ideally - have the option for both of them.

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Thank you for your feedback. We are unable to precisely understand the requested idea, request you to elaborate and provide the clarity on the idea.