Currently if a resource starts a booking early the Schedule Board reflects the Start and End Time that actually occurred however if a resource starts a booking late the behaviour is different in that the Start Date of the booking is not updated. What I would like to see is the option to have the Schedule Board reflect actual activity rather than a combination of actual and estimated

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Thanks for your feedback.

We don't think it would be appropriate to implement this suggestion.

As you suggest, if a booking is changed to In Progress, we can reasonably assume that the booking needs to move forward to show the start as the moment the booking was updated to In Progress. A booking cannot be In Progress in the future.

However, the same cannot be reasonably assumed in the reverse. If it is now, 10:00am and a booking was scheduled to start at 9:45am, when a schedule board user marks the booking as In Progress, perhaps they are simply doing it on behalf of the field resource who arrived on time but could not update their booking for whatever reason. In this case, it did start at 9:45am. A booking could have been actually begin before the moment it is being updated on the schedule board. From the schedule board, you can always change the time to the accurate time.

I hope this makes sense. Feel free to raise another idea if you think there are scenarios where this explanation does not make sense. If you do, please provide details.


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Jason Cohen

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Mmm. If this means when a booking starts late the schedule board should reflect a new finish time if a duration is already on the work order...

Yes I can see where that may applyn as the late start reflects the resources schedule for the rest of the day.... potentially

Category: Field Service