When an invoice needs to be settled with a payment journal, the financial dimensions inherited in the payment voucher should be the ones contained in the related invoice and not the ones found in the customer/vendor profiles. This would help avoid any mismatch in the accounting settlement. This also implies that, if the invoice contains multiple lines with different financial dimensions, the same should occur also in the payment voucher.

For example, if you have 5 invoices (with different financial dimension combinations) that you need to liquidate with one single payment, the payment voucher should be divided according to the financial dimension combinations contained in the invoices.

This additional functionality should be activated by a general ledger parameter.

At the moment, this doesn’t happen meaning that the payment voucher doesn’t contain all the necessary information related to the financial dimensions.
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We also have a similar requirement from the Client. This needs to be a part of the standard D365 since it's a common requirement to pass Financial Dimension values from Vendor Invoice to the payment transactions for financial analysis.

Category: Cash and bank management