We would like to have the totals (over all countries) of the fields / columns TotalValueofItemSupplies, TotalValueofServiceSupplies, EU3PartyItemTradeAmt, EU3PartyServiceTradeAmt printed at the bottom of the report (Report 19 - VAT- VIES Declaration Tax Auth). This will ease verification of the amounts printed.

We think this feature was available in earlier versions of NAV (3.60?)


Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for submitting this idea.
This should also be done also on a per contry basis for this report.
We would exclude the ones with electronic reporting.

Could you provide more feedback on which countries would require this on a (non-electronically-submitted) report?

Thank you
Søren Alexandersen, Program Manager
Business Central, Localization.



If you need to declare electronic, you always want to have a control report. This report can be used as a control report, but it is useful without totals.

Category: Financial Management