As soon as an approval workflow is assigned to an approver, we would like them to get the following email from which they can approve. This includes includes a description (outlined below in point 1-13), a draft PO PDF attachment and an approval button (so they don't have to actually log into MSD)


  1. PO Number
  2. Supplier name
  3. Total net value (of all PO lines)
  4. Currency
  5. PO requestor name
  6. PO requestor description (not sure we have a header level description, it might need to be 1st PO line description)
  7. Pool (capex/opex)
  8. Sub reporting market
  9. Cost centre
  10. Internal Reference
  11. Sales ChannelL1
  12. TM1 Code (product)
  13. List of previous PO approvers

Needs Votes