To prepare for the latest D365 upgrade I do the following:

1. Review what's new What's new or changed in Dynamics 365 Finance 10.0.17 (April 2021) - Finance | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs

2. Find the latest release (10.0.17) on Lifecycle Services (LCS) and start reviewing the Issues. Each issue is linked to Knowledge Base article so if you want to review the knowledge base you need to click each issue. It would be great if it's a single list vs. having to click each issue individually.

3. Download from LCS the Update information to CSV then review each update. There is an update ID that looks like a KB number, but these don't always match up.to the KB list in step 2.

This is a long process and I would hope that there exist somewhere a comprehensive list we can download that shows the issues , corresponding KB's and that list can be easily cross-referenced to the Updates list.
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