In the AR/AP foreign currency revaluation, it is possible to bypass the financial dimension validation rules according to the active account structures and create G/L account entries without financial dimension values even when dimensions are defined as mandatory.

This is possible for the user by selection the option "Dimension = None" in the user dialog of the currency revaluation. The user will receive a warning message, but can still continue by confirming the message.

This is generally a bad situation: When an account structure is created and dimensions defined as mandatory (blank is not allowed), we expect that all(!) transactions will strictly follow this rule. Of course, there are cases when it is not possible to inherit a dimension value from master data or transactional data, and those cases must carefully be considered. However, this is not such a case! We have options for dimension inheritance that can be applied here. So the ability for the user to bypass the rules is not desired!

Therefore, I suggest to remove the essential options (Posting profile, Dimensions) from the user dialog and instead move them to a place where user permissions restrict access, such as a parameter form.

Another solution could be to have a parameter (or feature?) to enforce the dimension validation, even when the user selects the option "Dimension = None". The system should then abort the posting process in case mandatory dimensions are missing.

Third solution: Create "Revaluation templates" that defined the general parameters and also contain a set of legal entities. Redesign the user dialog so that the revaluation can be started for multiple legal entities at once with fixed parameters.