After working for 3 years with the old Field Service Schedule Board, my client is trying out the new schedule board. During testing, my client encountered one major barrier in the adoption of the new tool. In the old version of the schedule board, whenever you would drag and drop a booking, the start time associated with the booking in regards to where it would be released from the drag and drop action would be displayed as you moved it around.

In the new version of the schedule board, this time display seems to be missing during the drag and drop process. It's a small detail, but this feature seems to be a must for my clients, especially when managing bookings in a compact weekly view for over 100 resources.

The absence of this feature in the new version does feel a bit inconvenient, as it requires an extra step to check the timing before finalizing the placement of the booking.

My proposed idea is to reintroduce the display of time when dragging and dropping bookings around the schedule board, similar to the old version.