Resource work hours has been kind of a gray area, which over the period of time has seen improvements in user interface. However, from functional perspective it still lacks sort of flexibility that Field system administrators would definitely welcome.

Manually setting work hours for individual resource is more of a laborious task and needs lot of user input. It has been simplified to an extent with Set Calendar function which utilizes Work Hours Template. It is eventually some other resource's work hours used to create a reusable template which can be assigned to other bookable resources. One thing to note, setting calendar of a resource using work hours template, sets the entire calendar. So if the template has work hours for all 12 months then the work hours of the target resource to which this template is applied will be set for all 12 months.

In a typical shift roaster, resources are planned in rotating shifts and usually the calendar of the resources are alternating either every week or month.
Lets say, John who is operations analyst for Oil and gas company works every odd month in the morning shift (6 am to 6 pm) and in the night shift ( 6 pm to 6 am) in even month.

Currently, there is no simple way to set John's calendar for the month of Jan (odd month) and copy it to the months of March, May, July and so on. There can be two solutions for it.

1. Simply having a Repeat option of "Alternate Month" will help to set the calendar for alternate months.
2. Set calendar function can be modified to extend resource's current calendar to other months. So John's work hours for the month of Jan can be set for the months of March, May, July etc.
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