I can't to see how to set a discount for an affiliation in selected stores only.

If I add the affiliation's price group and the store's price group to a discount, the affiliation will get the discount in every store, and every customer will get the discount in the selected store.

It should be possible to group these price groups in a way, which will result in only that affiliation will get the discount, and only in a selected store.

Category: Merchandising
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Thanks for your feedback. We will continue to review this for consideration/prioritization within our product backlog.   Holly Haines - Principal Program Manager




This can be done with extensions in v7,8, or 10.

1) Create a custom relationship table between the retail channel and the retail affiliation
2) Extend the CDX sync framework to push this data to the retail server
3) Extend the CRT to filter the customer affiliation when a customer is added to the cart.

Category: Merchandising