Using the Load Building Workbench to propose/create loads for a Scheduled Route and changing the 'Shipping date from' from the default value from the route to an earlier date, proposes the correct orders/lines, but doesn't update those orders/lines "Confirmed ship date" field once the load is created from the workbench. Same should be done using the Load Planning workbench.

And here the Mail conversation with Nicole Gump

Going further on – I select a scheduled route – doing this the “Shipping date to” is greyed out and it populates the shipping date of the scheduled route – using the field “Shipping date from” I can search for SO-Lines with an earlier shipping date – however if I do this I would assume, that after I create the Loads (Propose loads and then Create loads) system will bring back those shipping date to the according SO-Lines (Field “Confirmed ship date) but it does not! Please clarify your steps here. I’m assuming that after selecting the scheduled route, you are (1) entering/selecting an earlier date in the ‘Shipping date from’ field and (2) clicking “Propose loads”, expecting the system to return all SO lines within the new date range.

HAU: Your assumptions are correct – and yes it works fine – but when I do accept the proposed loads, system generates the Load with the shipment date of the scheduled route – and that’s the point where I expected that the Shipment date of the scheduled route will be put back to the appropriate SO-Lines and as the Shipment dates of the Sales line do not match the Shipping date from the Load they should be stored in the confirmed shipping dates of the SO-Lines so that the next MRP will recognize the delay of delivery.[NG]: I believe this is a limitation of the current design as you referenced from Oleksiy below. As far as I can tell, this is neither on the Ideas portal or in the Engineering team’s backlog. You can try logging it as a bug for the product team to review, but I would also suggest creating an idea for it: Ideas List (dynamics.com).