Some businesses want to use the job card device basically as a tool to execute and track real-time production and provide instructions and guidance to the floor. They may not have the need to control time and attendance of production workers at all. Sometimes they'd like to but they are not structured enough to do it. In those cases, the job card device provides an overhead set of tasks (calculate, approve and transfer registrations) with no added value to the business. Even worse, in fast moving environments, production would like to End orders done during the day but they have to wait for the worker to finish the shift before they can do so. It would be really beneficial to have the ability to choose, through a parameter, if the time and attendance processes are to be used or not.
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Thank you for your feedback.

We do not have in our current plans to enable separation of the use of the Job Card Device from the time and attendance functionality. However, for customers who do not use the time and attendance functionality it is now possible to set up the Approve and Transfer process as a recurrent batch job. This is done from the update menu in the Approve form. In this case you need to setup a recurrent batch job for "Approve all" and "Transfer all". It is not enough only to set it up for "Transfer all", because the registrations need to be approved first when using this functionality. In this type of scenario it is recommended to use a time profile without Clock-in and Clock-out. This way you ensure that the calculation in the approve form is not failing due to missing absence codes. 



 Johan Hoffmann