Developer licenses have a size limit of 120KB. Since two years with every new Release of NAV/BC we are having troubles to update developer licenses. If ISV Partner do not set the right configurations for their ISV solutions, their ISV solutions are authorized for every partner. We always need to open a case to deactivate ISV-Solutions. Some of them we do not even know and some of them we know however do not so often sell to our customers. The best would be if there is no size limit. BC/NAV is a framework ERP solution with many ISV Partners out there. There will come the day when a customer can't no longer use its License because of size problem???
After some extensive testing from a technical perspective they finally got to the root cause of this one. The file size is actually too large. The license header has a static data size member that cannot be larger than 65535 bytes and in this case it’s 66352 bytes. This was found on an internal comment dated back into the 1990s. It was noted in the architecture that regarding the StaticTableSize - Size of StaticData lookup tables - should never be larger than 64K and this cannot be changed. The engineers that build this module have been retired for sometime and no changes have been made in about 15 years. What I’m getting at CSIDE license handling is basically a legacy area of the product at this point and they’re not making any changes as license handling is redesigned going forward. This is obviously an unfortunate limitation.
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