Currently SLA cannot be set up to only look at working hours but also off work hours need to be added to prevent cases from being escalated too soon. As a result especially for reporting the figures get quite confusing as they don't show the actual (working) time spent on the case but the total time incl. off work.

Example: working hours are from 09.00 to 17.00. An agents picks up a case at 16.00 and closes it the next day at 09.30. The actual time spent is 1.5 hrs and not 17.5 hrs as the system would show.
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The SLA process is already tracking this "actual time" since you can set the conditions for SLA success or failure based on your Business Hours and Holiday Schedule configuration. Doesn't seem like much to ask for this process to give us the 1.5 hrs tracked according to the logic used for the SLA time calculations.

Category: Customer Service (Case Management / Queues)