Currently there is no way of listing all tables with data in them through the D365 front-end. This is needed in gold data environments as a critical checklist, and to identify missing entities.

This would take the form of a listing (form, report) that shows all tables with records as follows:
- table name
- shared or per company table
- number of records per table (and per company where appropriate)
- associated data entities, or "None" if a data entity is missing
- companies where the table is filled
- any templates where the data entity is present.
- other relevant information such as table type, category, model

The tool would ideally allow a user to efficiently:
- identify tables with missing data entities (form filter)
- add data entities to templates directly...
- ...with intelligent auto-sequencing - that's nice-to-have :)
Category: Data Management
Under Review



The report Size of company accounts is still available, but not part of the menu structure. Use the next parameters in your AX7 URL:


To know the total number of records across companies you need to run this per legal entity (cmp parameter). Note that global data is stored in the DAT company.

Category: Data Management