Please support custom "Theme color" for the Chat Widget.

The Chat Widget support OOTB a couple of colors. The enity form suggest that is is possible to add a customer color to it. But it is not supported, Microsoft Support told me in a ticket (119112922001487)

We need custom Theme color for embedding the Chat Widget in our website.
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Thank you for your feedback!

We've released a few new capabilities to customize the chat widget, including the ability to define any custom color and customizing the font family.

You can learn more about these options (and others) here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/omnichannel/developer/how-to/customize-chat-widget



I think a fully customizable widget is important. Colours, font, images etc.
The widget must be capable of have branding different on different web pages as required.
Additionally this should be a no code approach that a non-technical user can leverage. (No need to understand CSS, HTML etc.)

FYI: The above is standard in products like Live Assist.

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Also a more customizable widget would be good. Changing font, fontsize,...

Category: Omnichannel for Customer Service