The "Optimize Schedule" button on the Schedule Board Resource Cell lets dispatchers optimize the existing schedule of a chosen resource. Unlike RSO, Single Resource Optimization does not book new requirements but optimizes existing bookings. This feature is useful to fill gaps in the schedule that may arise due to Booking cancellations etc.

The idea is to extend this feature to add the ability to define a scope for the optimization run. For e.g. a scheduler might want to fill a schedule gap by booking Resource Requirements that fit a certain criteria. Similar to RSO, we will need to define a scope for Single Resource Optimization runs. If this idea were to be realized - when a user clicks on Optimize Schedule, in addition to optimizing the existing Bookings the system will book additional resource requirements fitting the criteria defined in the scope.

This will be a powerful feature for schedulers as it will enable them to build an optimized schedule for a chosen resource (a common business scenario) on a button click.

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Feature update released in October 2023, see Single resource optimization for Resource Scheduling Optimization - Dynamics 365 Field Service | Microsoft Learn



This feature is now available - please see https://learn.microsoft.com/dynamics365/field-service/rso-single-resource-optimization for more details

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