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I have a need to access a ready-only copy of the AX business database that is sync'd in real time. We can then sync this database to our own azure sql database for reporting purposes.

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  • When I tell our accountants that Power BI can only give me aggregations of data and can't give me the numbers behind the totals they see, I get looks of total disbelief. So another vote to bring D365 reporting into the current century :-)
  • Utterly critical and very much required. As an SME we don't have the time or budget to customise all of the data entities we need, making our current reporting very limited. Having access to the entire database would be massively beneficial
  • Must have feature especially when our customers want to use ERP data alongwith other datasources..
  • Could not agree more, our company needs this functionality for a smooth business operations.
  • Could not agree more, our company definitely needs this functionality! A lot of the entities is so stripped, that they can not be used in external reports.
  • The current implementation of this concept adds additional pain and thus reduces reliabilty in all integration scenarios. Many customers are not willing to pay for accessing their own data.
  • Perhaps Dynamics might consider somehow deploying SQL Data Sync?
    This does put system load on the Dynamics database, but it can't be more than what customers are putting on with lots of BYOD export jobs with change tracking, surely.
  • We're about to go live with a large Dynamics 365 instance and for us, careful use of BYOD exports (that we have to trigger with a custom build mechanism outside of Dynamics) and with lots of custom entities to speed up change tracking, this was possible. But its not realtime and it's fragile. It feels like we've gone back to the log-shipping days circa SQL Server 2000.
  • My company definitely needs this functionality
  • I think, it very necessary, it will save time for Microsoft and customers.

    every day, refresh database and waiting for SLA ...etc