Geofencing on Territories is highly desirable for the businesses who wants to provide work under different SLA’s for a specified territory. Updating work order statuses when within a certain radius of the Territory or Territories (currently tide up with customer location e.g. Service Account) may help this achieve this need. Having Group of Territories to reflect geographic boundaries for various customers and contracts would be another great idea to extend this feature. These Territories Groups can be independent of contracts or customers types. Additionally, auto-apply territories to accounts or work orders based on a radius or drawn mapping boundaries.

Category: Field Service
Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We like the idea of creating a control to allow users to draw territory boundaries. This is something we looked into in the past.

Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.

Thanks for sharing. Keep the ideas coming.

Jason Cohen
PM, Dynamics 365 Field Service