Currently, when embedding a chart into the portal, you are only able to pass through a specific chart and a view. The current limitation is that you are unable to pass-through any parameters into the view.

The current use case that we are working with is that we want to embed a chart on the internal form (using a subgrid) and then have the same form and chart displayed on the portal. While we are able to reuse the chart, we are unable to reuse the query that drives the chart due to the record GUID not being passed as part of the GUID.

The only area that currently has a similar functionality is when using the Contact which will dynamically pass through the current user. It would be great to be able to declare and utilize variables in the FetchXML or to embed the FetchXML and declare the chart.

Not all companies have Power BI or want to leverage Power BI as their charting solutions as they may not have the staff required to maintain and embed it on the portal and internal to dynamics.
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