In OnPrem business we as a full service provider are pushing hotfixes (and new versions) actively to most of our customers as part of our service. This is a rather painful process because on prem solutions are hardly unified and we spent a lot of time, effort and money to automate delivery and installation of updates onsite.

When moving our customers to the cloud, we want to unify, disentangle and automate as much as we can. This is already the case for our embed app solution but should also be the case for our new addon-apps that we offer via AppSource.

Hence, there are three main scenarios for us to leverage FAME (aka App Management API):
- Actively pushing hotfixes to customer tenants
- Planned and scheduled rollout of new versions. Especially to realize active update concepts that work with rings and waves.
- Weekly push of sprint-outcomes into test- and demo environments running on BC-Tenants (no, not the docker hosts)

The first two scenarios embrace app-source validation (the second more than the first), the third one does not. But in the latter case those tenants are our own tenants.
Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for submitting your idea. We are considering to enable these scenarios eventually, however at this point we are tracking this idea to see if it gets more feedback/votes. At this point of time we are refining and optimizing the process of submitting the apps via the Partner Center. The time to submit and validate an app (e.g. for the HF scenario) is already considerably faster. To allow for more self-service scenarios we need more of automatic validation available behind this API, to ensure that the apps are maintained appropriately. Please keep up the voting and adding your comments. 

Kind regards,
Dmitry Chadayev
Dynamics 365 Business Central