Currently if User1 uses the "Organizer" field on an Appointment and populates it with User2 who has Server-side Synchronisation enabled for Appointments, Tasks and Contacts for their Mailbox it will allow User1 to create the Appointment record which will get synchronised to User2's Exchange Online calendar. In this scenario User1 does not have Delegation or Mailbox rights for User2 set in Exchange but as Dynamics has rights via Server-side Sync it creates the Appointment anyway.

The idea is to allow users, like User2, to have agency over whether others can create Appointments in their Exchange Calendars similar to how they can control whether others can send Mails on their behalf.

Currently users can control this by opening their Personalization Settings, navigating to the Email tab, and check/uncheck the "Allow other Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to send email on your behalf".

I would like an additional setting for Appointments here.