In the report configuration there is no sales tax repotting code defined for some K tags, example K_31, K_32

According to docs, the sales tax reporting codes set right now are a sample and can be utilize/change by the customer:

But most of the customers use standard and do not want to create derive model because it require additional maintenance and action (i.e. rebase) after any new official report version release.

So, in the out-of-the-box solution we should predefine sales tax reporting codes for all K tags.
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. Reporting codes for K_31 and K_32 are added into the format for JPK-V7M in scope of #3984751. For more details, see  Details for released feature 3984751 (dynamics.com)


Elizaveta Golub

PM, Microsoft



This is very important report which each company in Poland are sending every month, so it should be completely mapped and standarized to avoid mistakes (every mistake costs 500PLN). We have table with tax reporting codes so it shouldn't be a problem to include some codes to defines rest of K tags.

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