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in my recent implementation of Business Central to a manufacturing/warehousing company, I have faced the following scenarios with assemble-to-order:

A Sales order is created > A BOM item is selected > Changes in the BOM are made if required > Order is released > Warehouse Shipment is created from the sales > Warehouse Pick is created for the components from the Warehouse Shipment (Warehouse staff responsible for the pick).

After registering the pick of the components and making them available to the assembly team, I can’t find a way where the assembly team will be able to proceed with the flow for their end, for example, “assembling” the kit and making it available for shipment.

There is no method of communication between the assembly process and the shipment process where the assembly can be set as "Done" and the Shipment team will be able to visualize and proceed with the shipment of the final product.

The only way that I found to finalize the process is in the shipment created for this order, changing the Qty. to Ship to 1 (it is just one kit to be built) and post the shipment. This is the only way that will finish the assembly process (the system changes the field Assembled Quantity to 1in the assembly order).

Please note, that this procedure is mentioned in the following walkthrough:


My recommendation is to create a process/function in the assembly order that will allow the team responsible to inform that the final product is ready for shipment and communicate that to the related area warehouse shipment.

This was raised to Microsoft Support and they recommended the creation of this Product Improvement as they recognised that a solution for that can be made.

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Gian Sorrentino

ERP Business Systems Consultant


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Thank you for this suggestion! Currently this is not on our roadmap. We are tracking this idea and if it gathers more votes and comments we will consider it in the future. Best regards, Business Central Team



With non-Assemble-to-Order Items, registering the Pick automatically updates the Qty. To Ship on the Warehouse Shipment. In an environment where the assemble to order Items are not complex, I would think that it would be nice to have the same thing happen when the pick for the components are registered. So I can see two workflow options that would be nice to have.

Category: Warehousing