This would be a footer row on list / list part pages.
When selecting multiple records on a list page it would be useful to see a summary of those selected rows. Primarily the total of certain fields (eg Amount / Quantity fields)

When working on reconciliations or interrogating the system I often need to export to Excel just to selected several rows and see what they total.

This could be specified in AL as a page field property "SummaryType" with options such as None, Sum, Average, Min or Max
Or even better, the user could chose the fields to summarise as a part of their personalisation.
Or maybe the SumIndexFields could be used to determine which values to summarise.

Taking the G/L Entries page as an example.
I would open the page and specify filters, the footer would show me the total of Amount for the filtered records.
I could then shift / ctrl click to select multiple records and see the totals for the selected rows only
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I would have thought this would have been available as a standard function. It is definitely an integral requirement for list pages as we currently jump though hoops to obtain these balances by means of exporting to excel (which always fails due to protected view). Hope this is a imminent update.

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