Current system design do not have item number as a reference when allocating actual cost in Select Voyage Costs for AP Invoice. If item cost area is in used in Auto Cost and would like to allocate actual cost accordingly to each item with a single voucher number, it is not possible since item number is not available.

In fact, current design is only allow to allocate actual cost without consider the item or allocate actual cost for each item but with multiple voucher numbers (eg: 1 voucher 1 item)(If have 10 items in a voyage, then 10 voucher numbers are needed for a single AP Invoice).

This will caused actual cost apportion won’t be accurate and will result the posted item cost having big discrepancies and finally lead to an unreliable item cost and COGS amount. Also, it will raise a numerous of unnecessary voucher documents just for a single forwarder invoice if would like to resolve above stated item cost discrepancy.

The product team is still considering this enhancement but it may time consumed process. Hence, please help to vote to prioritize this enhancement.

Ideas Administrator


Thank you for your feedback. We released this feature as part of the functionality in (Preview) Enable split vendor invoice journal line per cost type code and voyage id from multiple voyages.

Please refer to the following link for more information:

Split cost type codes for multiple voyages in the vendor invoice journal | Microsoft Learn


Roger Sa

PM, Microsoft