The translation in "es" (Spain) languaje is correct, but for some of other spanish languajes as "es-mx" it is not correct.

This field is found in Production/Batch order form, Setup section, under the Route group as "Route number". In many "es-*" is correctly translated as "Número de ruta", but in some others as "es-mx" it is translated as "Número de ruta bancario", the last word -bancario- refers to a banking institution which has nothing to do with the production control module.

The "es" (Spain) translation is correct, but must be the same for every other "es-*" languaje.

This field is found in the ProdTable table as "RouteId"

2023 Release Wave 1
Ideas Administrator

Thanks for highlighting this translation issue. We treat this as a bug and will address this in a future release. 


Søren Vagn Andersen, Principal Group Product Manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management