Issue :
Customer Copies the Email address from Outlook's To , From and Cc fields And Directly pastes in the Email forms TO and CC field but it does not resolves Email address .

For Eg When we copy From Outlook by selecting emails and pressing CTRL +C
XYZ ; te st following gets copied .

Now when we paste it in the To or CC field of Email Form it does not gets resolved .

Note: Make sure you copy more than two email adresses .

Exact Repro Steps :
+ Open Outlook's Email >> Make sure that email has multiple people on CC field .
+ Click on CC Field>> Select all of them by pressing CTRL + A and the Copy it by Pressing CTRL + C
+ Now Open any App of CRM >> Open Email Form >> Paste what you have in the clipboard to CC fields.
+ You will see those records are not getting resolved(Note : Make sure all those emails that you have is a contact or email enabled entities record)