It is no longer possible to see who created a Note in a timeline in the Customer Service Hub, it simply lists it as 'undefined'. My communications with Microsoft techs have advised me that this was an intentional decision. It is possible to see the note creator outside of the CSH, which makes this design decision all the more bizarre. Please restore our ability to see who created a note in the CSH.

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Thank you for your feedback.

This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.






Hi Steve
I also miss the "Created By" but I was told by Dynamcis 365 Support that is a known issue not a missing feature and that it should be fixed with a patch. Because before recent updates the created by was also shown in CSH.
Here you have the MS Statement from my case:

"Here is a summary of the issue and resolution:

In the Customer Service Hub on the case form in the timeline the owner/creator of the note is not visible. In the classic web UI the name of the user that created the note is shown.
This is a known issue and a fix will be rolled out soon, this fix will be available 22/3/2019 tentatively."

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