I have multiple customer complaining about this functionality. And my team, the customers and myself think that the functionality is currently not the best offer for a Microsoft product since it is providing business solutions and the functionality needs to be more flexible and multilingual.
The most often case for our customers is that there is a contact form with the option to subscribe to a newsletter. They need (because of the GDPR/DSGVO) a double opt-in feature. They also have to provide this form in multiple languages and also have other forms with other brandings from they are company.
Currently the customers would like to have a switch where they have the option to select between triggering the double opt-in on submission(Like a registration form would need it) or subscription list(like a contact form with the possibility of opting in into a newsletter would need).
Limitations with the actual implementation:

If we’re using global double opt-in we’re missing the possibility to use multiple mails for the double opt in.
If we’re using the form level double opt in and a certain person is NOT subscribing to our newsletter, he or she is still getting the confirmation mail (because everybody is getting a confirmation mail because form level double opt in is triggered by form submission (and not by enabling subscription list on the form, like global double opt-in is).
Our wish/feature request: The form level double opt-in should have a switch to trigger on “subscription list” as the global double opt in works.
Global double opt-in: Should triggers when a subscription list is checked on a form AND the form is getting submitted
It will be more user friendly if there is the option for “form submission only” / “Subscription list & form submission”
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Very good suggestion, this would make using form level double opt-in much more useful (=possible).

Category: Consent and Compliance