Scenario-> Store warehouse is set as a WMS warehouse and default receipt location in this case has to be license plate controlled. We are using this location for warehouse app and it is fine because WMS is automatically receiving to STOCK. But in POS we have a problem that currently transfer line taking default receipt location "RECV" and also receiving the quantity at the same location. however we have to choose STOCK location on each line one by one of the each transfer line to receive items properly in POS. which is not feasible.

Kindly look in to this Idea.
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As created description is not showing exact idea, I would like to explain this a bit more.

POS has quite fresh operations for handling transfer orders - Inbound and outbound operations. On outbound operation there was a bug which was causing that ship all option was not working when store's warehouse was WMS enabled. POS was not able to assign default issue location because there is no option to assign default issue locations in WMS warehouse. This was solved in https://fix.lcs.dynamics.com/Issue/Details/?bugId=498288&dbType=3 - Additional step is added to choose warehouse location while using ship all operation.

The idea is to have same possibility on receive all operation. This option was requested but not considered as a bug because WMS warehouse has possibility to set default receive location and POS use this location properly. But on the other hand there is further problems with moving items to proper location from which POS is selling by default - no option to move items between locations in POS. We cannot also set default WMS receive location (license plate controlled) as default retail location for sales or returns as license plate control must be disabled on such location.

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