As a retailer, the ability in CPOS/MPOS to:
1. automatically check for duplicate Customer records - matching customer name, mobile/cell number and/or email when adding a Customer to a Sale in CPOS/MPOS; and
2. suggest to use existing or merge existing Customers when adding a Customer to a Sale in CPOS/MPOS.

This functionality would avoid a lot of duplicate Customer records and labour-intensive/manual de-duplication work being performed by retailers - because accurate customer data is critical (to having a complete picture of each Customer's transactions/purchase history - and, in turn, selling more!).

Thank you for your consideration in this request.
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your feedback. We will continue to review this for consideration/prioritization within our product backlog.   Holly Haines - Principal Program Manager



This idea is good and can also think of achieving this by a batch job run to validate and either suggest or merge duplicate ones.

Category: Customers and Loyalty