Description of problem:
If have adequate BOM inventory in "Default production input location", the system will not generate any work, and keep wave status as open.
Repro step:
Using USMF as working company
1. Create Productio order for L0100 with qty 1.
2. adjust M9000, M9001, and M9002 in site 5, warehouse 51, location 005 for 100 quantity.
3. Then release production order, work was not created, and wave status is on Created. The warning message ‘No work was created for wave XXX-000000XXX.

See the work creation history log for details.’ must not show because It’s not error. It’s just having no work because the quantity of raw materials adequate for production BOM requirement,
So the system just picked raw materials from input location and not generate work of pick additional raw materials.

Please consider to add info/warning message when Default production input location have enough BOM qty.
Needs Votes