The user is unable to void a check if it is currently on an unposted bank rec. While performing bank recs, certain issues may be found such as a payment which was recorded in error. One could spend quite some time doing a bank rec only to find a check needs to be voided. This requires the user to delete the bank rec, void check and re-do the bank rec. This is inefficient. The user should be able to perform actions that one would normally encounter when doing a bank rec.
Note: this applies to using the bank recs with the General Ledger Setup setting, Bank Recon with Auto-Match set to FALSE.
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In the Bank Rec. worksheet you can delete lines from the bank rec by selecting Process > Clear Lines..   you will have to filter by type and doc. no etc. to narrow it down to just the one check you want to delete.
Then you can void the check. 

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