A nice feature should be to be able to make translations of the G/L Account Name.
In companies with subsidiaries in other countries with other languages, it is very difficult to read trial balances / financial statements.

Change to be added:
- Add possibility to add Translations to G/L Account
- Link Local Language Code in General Ledger Setup
- Link Language Code to User Setup
- When Page Chart of Accounts is opened > G/L Account Name should be the name as set up in User (If none linked > Default) (If no default > current field)
- When print reports (f.e. trial balance / detail trial balance) - add option - G/L Account Language
Default the language code linked to user should be linked, but it must be editable.
- ...
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for this suggestion! We are adding this idea to our longer term roadmap.

Best regards,
Business Central Team