Complex system integrations commonly rely on change tracking to determine what data should be included in a given execution. Dynamics 365 F&O currently supports change tracking via the data management framework using SQL change tracking on the underlying data entity views. This meets the need when file-based recurring integrations are used to sync D365 F&O with the external system.

However, many scenarios rely on oData endpoints for data entities in D365 F&O to perform the tasks associated with the integration. In this scenario, there is no way to execute the integration on only the data that has changed since the last execution.

There is a need for a "point-in-time" change tracking feature that would allow an external system to call an oData endpoint to select all records that have changed since a given date/time. 

Category: Data Management
Ideas Administrator

Hi Brad-- with VE's in play, we have recently added change tracking to FO VE's. Our direction is to use VE's going forward as much as we can for integrations. The specific scenario you are calling out is a prime use case where VE API's can be called to get delta changes from an entity. This is a recent addition which CoreHR is going to use as the first set of scenarios. Let me know if we should get on a call to discuss.