When creating a production order from a project and the project is setup to "REQUIRE ACTIVITY ON JOURNALS" for hours. There is a situation where the production order can post journals without validating against this required field which can cause an employee to get "stuck" working on a job in the Job card terminal.

If the activity is not specified at time of production order creation there should be an added validation to the production order to prevent any transactions or moving the production order to started status. Once there is a transaction on the production order, there is no way to add the project activity onto operations since the field is locked. At this point the only way to proceeded with transactions is to change the setting on the project which is not desired. If the activity is not specified on the operation (pulling from the production order header) when a user is using the Job card terminal it allows them to start working on a job, but prevents them from providing feedback to stop working. They can not clock out, or take any action at all. The only work around is to remove that setting from the project which then allows the user to continue.

This was raised as a problem on LCS ticket 120061921000162 but was recommended I suggest it here.
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Johan Hoffmann

PM, Microsoft