Please add the filter pane on lookup pages. E.g. on a Sales Quote if you use look up to select a Customer or Item you cannot filter every field on that List Page.
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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our longer term roadmap. Your help is greatly appreciated! Mike Borg Cardona Program Manager, Microsoft



Without the filter pane / filter icon on the top right, it's not visible for the end user if any filters have been applied (without using the Page Inspector if you have permission). Users should be able in ALL list pages (modal / non-modal, lookup, non-lookup) to have the same FILTER experience and see / apply / remove filters.

A related remark: on normal pages 'Expand the factbox pane' is achieved via the 'I' icon, on runmodel pages, it is a different experience with the '<' icon. Not very intuitive...

Category: General