With D365 on premise deployment, there is no access for Microsoft support in order to investigate Sev-A and Sev-B issues that happen on production environment.

Since all the configuration and the topology of the environment is available in some script as part of installation - our Idea is for support to prepare an "emergency script package" to be run by the customer on the production environment and to gather - in a useful way for support team - all the information regarding the install configuration, parameters, logs and to speed up the support action.

Using such emergency script the customer will be able to collect all the information needed from support (configuration and logs) and thus give them a better overview of the particular setup and help them in the analysis and speed up of support.

Having a standardized way to receive logs and configuration can help support to mitigate the potential differences in each customer installation and make the support checklist more efficient.

In a way - it could be similar to system diagnostics for AX 2012 where we run an agent on-premise that was collecting data for the cloud.
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